Brad Miller Joins Test of Tyme As an Associate

October 2020. Pacific Grove, CA. Brad Miller, a Licensed General Contractor with over 30 years of experience working on high end homes in Carmel, Pebble Beach, Woodside and Atherton, has joined Test of Tyme as an Associate to work on their Carmel, Pebble Beach and Monterey-based home projects.

About Brad Miller

Brad was raised in the Carmel Highlands and attended Carmel River School through Carmel High School. He was the son of an engineer and professor at the Naval Postgraduate School. His father remodeled their redwood and adobe home extensively and Brad fell in love with building houses and learned the importance of doing things very exactly.

After he completed high school, he attended and graduated from Hartnell College in Salinas. Brad worked as a carpenter with an in-depth 5-year European style in-depth apprenticeship with a German contractor along with Portuguese carpenters. In 1984, Brad received his journeyman card and subsequently worked for several contractors primarily on Carmel homes and much larger homes in Pebble Beach.

In 1987, he started his own firm in Monterey and constructed 10 homes, hand-built cottages in Carmel and large homes in Pebble Beach. In 2007, he began commuting to Woodside and Atherton, and as Superintendent Project Manager, he worked on very detailed, unique estates for a decade. In 2017, he returned to Monterey and returned to his roots as a finish carpenter.

His two children enjoyed spending a lot of time on job sites and the family went camping, snow and water skiing with him. One son currently lives in Colorado who is a fabricator/plumber and a daughter who is a structural inspector on the Monterey Peninsula. Brad also works on a big crew with LPR Motorsports based in Santa Rosa and they travel up and down the West Coast racing cars.

About Test of Tyme

Test of Tyme recently announced that it has launched a new Test of Tyme Consulting Division to help anyone involved in a home construction project to successfully achieve its goals by using advice from the principals, Don Whitaker and Susana DeFatima Silva, with over 50 years of expertise building beautiful homes. The principals of the firm are now available for expert consulting on any home construction or renovation project. Often by obtaining a second opinion, money can be saved and a higher quality can be achieved.

Test of Tyme, LLC is a Monterey Peninsula-based full=service construction firm that is dedicated to the 3 R’s: Restore, Recycle and Remodel. The firm also builds homes from the ground up! Over the years, the Test of Tyme partners have worked together along with selected high-end contractors on many homes in Pebble Beach, Carmel and Carmel Valley and beyond, including many luxury estates on the ocean side of Seventeen Mile Drive.

According to Susana DeFatima Silva, “At Test of Tyme, we take pride in our outstanding craftsmanship and creative vision. We have made an association with a cadre of top-level craftsmen that we believe gives the client the very best that’s available in the area.”

Test of Tyme offers a virtual book showing an array of high quality projects that can be downloaded from its website, as well as many helpful articles.

About Don Whitaker

A partner in Test of Tyme, LLC, Monterey native Don Whitaker is also the owner of The Golden Hammer in Pacific Grove providing cabinetry and custom millwork, including furniture design. He earned local, state-wide and international awards for his carpentry work and has over 40 years of experience, primarily on the largest homes in the Carmel and Pebble Beach area. His passion for perfection is reflected in his wood artistry seen in doors, beams, cabinets, floors and more. Don is a graduate of Monterey High School and attended Monterey Peninsula College. He began work in his field at the cabinetry shop that his father managed.

About Susana DeFatima Silva, Managing Partner

Susana DeFatima is responsible for developing and implementing Test of Tyme’s strategic plan. She is involved in sourcing, financing, and managing real estate development projects for Test of Tyme. She oversees Test of Tyme’s management responsibilities and all aspects of its portfolio operations including capital improvements, marketing and management services. Susana DeFatima manages the properties owned by the various Test of Tyme Investment entities. In this role she serves as the primary contact for portfolio tenants; managing lease documentation, administration, and the tenant improvement process. Susana DeFatima has extensive experience in operating real estate, having started her career in finance and property management while working her way into development.

Susana is a Visionary Entrepreneur with an International perspective. She is a member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing and an Associate Member of the AIA of Monterey Bay – a Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Susana DeFatima is a native of the Açores Islands of Portugal and has over 20 years of experience in project management and real estate development. She holds an MA Degree in International Policy Studies, with a focus in International Trade, Investments & Development from the prestigious Middlebury Institute of International Studies and a BA in Communications from CSU Monterey Bay. Susana is also an active community volunteer, and has worked with MEarth, Monterey County Reads of the Panetta Institute, Kinship Center of Monterey County, Meals on Wheels, Big Brothers Big Sisters and F.D.E.S. Portuguese Hall of Monterey, a non-profit that raises revenue to fund scholarships for local youth.

To call for more information or to set up a consultation, call (831) 655-2008 or email [email protected].