Doors of Perception…

Enhance Your Home With A Beautiful Front Door

Every day that you open the front door to your home is an opportunity to let life’s stress fade away so that you may relax in your own beautiful sanctuary. As you cross over the threshold into your luxury home, you may want to consider if your front door is currently the right entrance that beautifies and represents your home and your lifestyle.

Your front door actually says a lot about who is living inside and also complements the architecture of your home. Choosing a stunning custom-built front door for your home is an important investment as well as a key aesthetic decision that affects yourself, your family and your visitors. It creates an important first impression for all who come to your home and reflects what you and others will find within your home itself. Your guests should feel welcome while standing or walking to the front of the house or even driving by it.

The main entrance of your home is believed to function as a protector of the negative things that come from outside so be very thoughtful as you plan to build a new front door. In addition, your interior doors, and there may be hundreds of them within a multi-level large estate, can complement the design of your main entry door and carry your interior design throughout your home.

When open, doors can admit people, animals, ventilation or light. A door is used to enclose air drafts so that the interior of your home may be more effectively heated or cooled. Doors are very significant in preventing the spread of fire and also act as an important barrier to noise.

Your front door can enhance the design of your home and what surrounds it on both the outside and inside. It may be surrounded by planters, shrubs, trees, columns or other decorative items.

In selecting your front door, you should consider security, style, materials, price and its overall design. Security is important so that anyone who might burglarize your home cannot get into the house. You will also want to add strong door locks and an alarm so your home and family are safe when you are away or at night.

There are many options to choose from in front doors, both in style (paneled, double, arched) and construction (wood, fiberglass, metal). Solid wood doors are more expensive but are a popular, versatile and attractive choice. They have security and strength and have been used for thousands of years.

Wood comes in a variety of species and is stained or painted easily. It can be carved beautifully and provide a wonderful personalized entrance to your home. The texture of wood provides a distinct uniqueness and a skilled artisan can create a masterpiece. Doors can be created in oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, and pine. Doors can also be made from several softwood varieties, such as pine and western hemlock. Consider the overall durability of the material and the quality of the weather-stripping system. So that it lasts for years to come, you want to ensure that your door will hold up and keep air and water out.

In addition to a solid wood door, you may choose to have a door with glass panels that offer more light into your home. An arched door with stained glass can be a gorgeous entrance that is enjoyed both inside and outside. A Dutch door opens in half horizontally and allows air and light into your home as well.

Select a door for your own lifestyle that is built to stand the test of time and take time to enjoy it every day you live in your home!