Creating a Luxurious Bathroom

Are you ready to create the luxury bathroom of your dreams? A fabulous bathroom which combines form. function and beauty will become an oasis for relaxation. With new technology and a myriad of moisture—resistant materials and products now available, your bathroom can provide a wonderful place for a retreat and spa-like experience. It can reflect your own design preferences that are used throughout your home or become a distinct space that provides all that you need to sink into it deep spa tub and let your cares float away.

What should you consider when creating a beautiful bathroom? Like every room you design in your home, you will first want to consider the space available and how it is situated in your home. Do you want an exterior view of a shore-line or garden or will the bathroom feature interior views exclusively? How large is the space and what elements can you include enabling you to create the perfect spa-like destination in your home?

You may want to include some of the latest trends in your bathroom design in your plans. One popular trend is using wood in your bathroom and there are new timber products enabling you to incorporate beautiful warm woods. Custom made wood vanities can be functional for storage and create a special elegance too. You can also use wood on the walls. as a sink. and feature walk-in showers with wooden benches and saunas.

Custom designed architectural details in wood or other materials, such as those that frame the mirror or vanity, can also add to the room's elegance. Another recent trend is the use of earthy materials like river rock and natural stone that can be featured throughout your bathroom, including sinks, baths, walls, vanity tops, bathroom furniture and floors. Instead of the customary porcelain sinks. luxury home owners are choosing a polished stone or ceramic sink.

Providing a perfect place for an escape and sanctuary, there is a new emphasis on creating an ambiance in your bathroom which includes custom furniture-like cabinetry. Small furniture pieces and home decor items are now being featured in bathrooms, such as beautiful dressing tables, armchairs, coat racks, stools, rug-style bath mats and pendant lights. Another trend growing in popularity are double showers which can consist of an oversized rain shower head and separate handsets, instead of dual shower heads mounted on the same bar or rail. Deep soaker tubs for one or two are also popular. Enjoy spa-like features including steam showers. spa-like body jets, and massaging whirlpool tubs. Art can also find its way into your bathroom including gorgeous custom handcrafted artisanal bathroom tiles that provide a wonderful texture or beautiful murals of your favorite European destination. Luxury hand-painted wallpaper can also add more elegance to your bathroom.

Of course. technology will make your bathroom even more fabulous. A remote-controlled toilet that features a nightlight, bidet or self-cleaning function, heated flooring and towel racks, a stereo, flat screen tv's — even a tv hidden inside a mirror - can add to the enjoyment and functionality of this special room. Built-in cabinets beside the shower can hold bath linens and feature a warming drawer, too.

What kind of lighting do you want? Natural lighting through wall to floor windows and skylights can add a sense of the outdoors. There are now a wide array of lighting choices from LED strips to chandeliers and other lighting fixtures. Would you like a beverage bar in your bathroom to make the perfect cup of coffee or provide a sparkling Pellegrino during your spa experience? How about a mini refrigerator, a sink, and a wine chilling drawer? A romantic fireplace in your bathroom to accompany a deep soal and a glass of champagne will add to your relaxation. With the right planning and design. you can enjoy a resort-like luxurious feel at home in your bathroom every day of the year.

Submitted by Susana De-Fatima Silva, Test of Tyme, LLC and Wendy Brickman, Brickman Marketing

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