Incorporate Beautiful Ceilings and Beams in Your Luxury Home

Do you look up when you enter a room? What do your ceilings look like in your home today? A plain flat white ceiling is certainly not uncommon but any room can look so much better with a unique and distinctive ceiling design.

Whether it is in the dining room, living room, den, kitchen or bedroom, a great ceiling can enhance the beauty and personality of that room. It will leave an unforgettable impression and set the tone for those who enter the space. Remember that the ceiling style you choose may be limited by the construction of your home.

Here are a number of attractive ceiling styles and designs you may want to consider incorporating into your dream home:

Often seen in Old World Design homes in Carmel or Pebble Beach are a variety of gorgeous distressed wooden beams. Modern homes can also have these exposed hand-hewn and circle-sawn wooden beams. Douglas fir, white oak, ash, elm, hickory, maple, redwood or barn beams add so much interest, elegance and beauty to a room’s character.

Exposed beams ceilings provide a more rustic feel when homeowners choose not to cover their ceilings. They leave exposed pipes and beams and it offers the space a more open, lofty feel plus a unique character. You might consider exposed steel beams for a unique modern industrial look.

There are also vaulted ceiling styles which feature a type of ceiling that slopes and may be angled to the shape of the home’s roof. A barrel vaulted ceiling can frame and capture a beautiful view outside your home.

Some homes feature tray ceiling styles which includes a cut-out design where the mid part of the ceiling is recessed and typically lighted to add an interesting definition. The inner part may also be painted a different color than the rest.

A coffered ceiling style features repeating sunken rectangular or square panels to create character in a room. It may feature a primary lighting fixture or ceiling fan hung from the center panel while other panels may feature recessed lighting.

An elegant tin ceiling can be a choice especially as lightweight metallic ceiling tiles are now available.

One of the busiest options, coffered ceilings, includes repeating sunken square or rectangular panels. The primary lighting fixture or ceiling fan is sometimes hung from the center panel while other panels may feature recessed lighting. This ceiling type is helpful for creating character in a room with very little other décor.

Another choice may be a domed ceiling style used in large homes that mirror the circular dome of an ancient cathedral or government building such as the majestic City Hall in San Francisco or the Vatican. This style may feature a skylight or stained glass to allow natural light and add an even greater dimension to the ceiling.

So, which ceiling styles works best for different rooms in your home? Luckily, you can choose more than one style and enjoy the unique contrast. Incorporating a beautiful ceiling design will make your home even more lovely and distinctive!