Creating a beautiful wine cellar

Are you a wine connoisseur? Would you like to have a great wine cellar to display, properly store, preserve and thoroughly enjoy your wine collection with family and friends? With the great technology now available, you can create a beautiful space that works efficiently and consistently to preserve your wine collection.

An elegant and well-built wine cellar can provide a wonderful opportunity to walk into a different world within your luxury home, even creating a feeling that you are stepping back in time. The storage of wine goes back thousands of years before the Greeks and Romans and then moving forward to old Europe with expansive wine cellars found in historic homes and castles.

Start with a decision about the entry to your wine cellar. The door to your wine cellar is the first impression of your entire wine storage room. Entering your wine cellar can be a wonderful experience if you have a stunning custom-built door, such as a stained mahogany arch door in Old World Design.

A wine cellar in a basement with no direct sunlight is an optimal location. You will want to install a state-of-the-art wine cooling unit which is unlike a normal cooling humidity because it also controls humidity. The units don’t add humidity to the room but they are able to remove excess moisture.

Humidity is a critical factor in a well-functioning wine cellar. If your wine cool unit controls the temperature and humidity efficiently, your maintenance costs will be much lower. The climate in your wine cellar should be a steady temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and it is important to stay within 3-4 degrees to preserve your wine so it doesn’t age too quickly. In addition, your wine cellar has to control humidity with an optimal level of 57%. If your humidity rises above 70%, mold may grow in the cork and spoil your wine. If your humidity decreases below 50%, your cork can dry out, also ruining your wine. To add moisture, you might want to consider using an attractive indoor fountain or waterfall to add the needed moisture to the room.

There are many products and methods to consider cooling the space in your wine cellar, but one recommendation is a through wall-unit that creates a cold room on one side and a warm room on the other side which becomes an exhaust room that has to be sufficiently large to absorb the heat. You’ll want to have a professionally installed doorway seal to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity.

Selecting your lighting is important for many reasons as you want to maintain a proper temperature as well as create a good looking space for your wine collection. Normal incandescent and halogen bulbs create far too much heat for a wine cellar. There is now a range of outstanding LED lighting choices that emit little heat. You can use track lights, LED strip lights or puck lights to light the space in your wine cellar in dramatic ways and show off your collection.

You will also need to decide how you’d like to display your wine. You can create a beautiful wine cellar display system using multiple methods – racks, bulk storage and displays that will add visual interest to the room. Carmel River stone can be used to build impressive stone walls or columns or used to hold your bottles.

Why not add a small refrigerator so you have cheese, bread, and crackers to serve to guests while entertaining in your wine cellar? You’ll also need storage for glasses and perhaps a hand-carved tasting table.

You’ll find all of your friends and family wanting to come and join you in your stunning wine cellar so take the time to create one that you will enjoy for years to come.