Creating a Luxurious Master Bedroom​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Your bedroom is a special sanctuary that allows for rest, romance and relaxation! What are some ways to make it a fabulous destination where you can re-charge each night? When reviewing and revamping your bedroom. be sure to look at lots of pictures of bedrooms online or in magazines and determine what you love and which elements most appeal to you. Work closely with your trusted construction and decorator partners to create a gorgeous space that will provide you with a feeling of “totally calm seclusion". The colors you choose to incorporate into your bedroom should probably be in the cooler tones that are more relaxing. What are your favorite colors and how might you tone them down a bit for this very special room? Certain colors of the palette might be described as “louder” so in the bedroom, turn it down, mute it and select softer more gentle colors such as blue, gray, mauve, lavender. pumpkin, brown, pomegranate, white or topaz.

Remember that your ceiling is considered a fifth wall in any room so when you lie in bed, what do you see? Adding beams, crown moldings or painting the ceiling a lighter version of the colors on your other walls will create a more comfortable space. Think about a desirable texture, design, and color for your ceiling. Beams can be carved in all types of interesting shapes and colors.

The furniture in your bedroom should be minimal if possible to create a special environment for a great getaway from daily life. Leave space between your bed and side walls or larger pieces of furniture. Make it cozy but not cluttered. Can you add a chest of drawers inside your closet to store items? A custom-built walk-in closet that is attractive and functional with mirrors and shelving for shoes, clothing, hats. sweaters, etc. are ideal. You want things out of sight to keep the bedroom more serene. To choose your bedroom furniture, create a floor plan and measure all the space. Why not choose to have a custom bed and headboard made that you love. If you have high ceilings. you may want a taller headboard.

Keep the scale of your furniture in proportion to the sin: of the room. The larger space, the larger the furniture can be. Canopied or tented beds with fabric that hangs from the ceiling can create a relaxing cocoon. A custom-built bedside table that is functional and attractive with deep drawers or doors will be where you can store your books, reading glasses, lotions and other items to keep In-reach hut hidden. A trunk or storage bench can hold extra blankets, pillows and sheets.
Be sure to create a comfortable and quiet place to sit and read. Create an Intimate reading or lounging area with comfortable chairs and footstools.
You can add a well-padded beautiful chair with a foot stool, chaise lounge or ottoman for reading too in a special seating area with a table for a few books.
How about building a wonderful padded window seat with colorful pillows to create a great reading area and a beautiful view of your garden? Add a cashmere or mohair throw for those chilly nights.

Lighting elements are important and being able to dim lights for ambiance or increase the lighting for reading is ideal. A beautiful crystal chandelier and sconces will add elegance.

Small lamps can focus light for reading while accent lights can provide soft illumination. Ambient light can light the entire room but have a dimmer switch on every light, too.

An elegant fireplace and surrounding seating area is also a wonderful addition to a large spacious bedroom. The hand-carved mantle piece can complement the rest of your decor.

Accessorizing your bedroom is up to your personal taste but less is more. Perhaps some photos, flowers, candles and your favorite piece of artwork or antique will be sufficient.

Think about snuggling, cocooning and feeling very cozy and pampered in your bed. Of course, using luxurious high thread count cotton linens adds to the luxury of your bedroom and you may want to dry Clean them for a wonderful smoothness. Your bed covers should harmonize with the rest of the colors in your bedroom and the number of pillows you want for your bed is up to you.
Try not to “over-pillow” but If you like lots of decorative pillows, remember you will be removing and replacing them every night so perhaps build an attractive storage bench to hold them.

How about warm wood used on one or more walls of your bedroom, stained to your favorite color to create an Old World elegance? White linens look absolutely beautiful with wood.

Decide if you want a wall to wall carpeting or wood floors with beautiful rugs that complement your decor. With rugs, you can choose from so many styles and be sure they are well padded. Window coverings are important in your bedroom and draperies should be lined to keep out the bright sun so you can sleep late if you wish. How about a wall or two of the ceiling to floor draperies for added elegance? You can have sheer curtains in the daylight but roller blinds that can be pulled down for privacy at night and for blocking morning light. Serenity and a great night’s sleep is your goal so be careful when using patterns within your bedroom.
French doors leading to a lovely patio area with seating can extend your sense of a getaway vacation and carry the bedroom theme outdoors.

Remember that your bedroom is not the best place for computers, TV’s, cell phones or electronics. Simplicity, luxury, and pampering are your goals for a fabulous room for rest and relaxation! Incorporate some of the ideas we’ve shared and you can look forward to very sweet dreams!

Article contributed by Susana DeFatima Silva, MA, REALTOR®, Test of Tyme, LLC, #1022805 and Wendy Brickman, MA/ MBA, Brickman Marketing.