A Dozen Top Design Trends Found in Luxury Homes Today

What are some of the top design trends that are favored by luxury estate owners that you can consider for enhancing your own home? Here’s a dozen trends that might work for you shared by the Test of Tyme artisans that they have used in dozens of Pebble Beach and Carmel home projects.

  1. Beautiful exterior and interior doors are an important part of your home and there can be 80-100 doors within a multi-storied estate. The front door to your home makes a definitive statement that sets the stage to what is to be presented inside your house. Your exterior and interior doors should be visually complementary to each other.
  2. Utilize exposed hardwood beams to create ambiance and majestic ceilings. High ceilings with beautiful wood beams add interest to your rooms.
  3. Incorporate stone elements in your home including your fireplaces, fountains, outdoor walls and flooring.
  4. Plaster some of the walls within your home and have them painted with artistic frescos or murals.
  5. Flooring is a key design element in your home. Incorporate hardwood floors throughout your home covered by beautiful area rugs and runners. Peg and groove or distressed hardwood floors add a subtle elegance to your home.
  6. Use solid wood throughout your house, including durable walnut, fir, white oak and recycled redwood. Insects, aging, and other minor flaws often add interesting textures to the wood. Custom kitchen islands, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, bookshelves, tables and staircase banners add a touch of elegance.
  7. Turning the backyard into an outdoor living retreat is one of the hottest trends among luxury estate owners. Why not utilize limestone pavers in your driveway and patio areas, attractive stone elements, balustrades and more. Consider adding an outdoor kitchen, too.
  8. Many low energy appliances can now be incorporated into the room’s design – including attractive wood surrounds on the refrigerator and freezer.
  9. Enjoy smart home electronics that are hooked up to a computer system, for easy entry, air flow, heating, security, lighting, entertainment and more.
  10. Build a comfortable Home Theatre with surround sound. There really is no limit when it comes to designing a home theater system, except for how much you're willing to invest in your personal entertainment.
  11. If you appreciate wine, build a Wine Cellar with beautiful hand-carved doors and elegantly preserve and age your favorite wines.
  12. Landscape attractively with native plants appropriate for our region, including drought resistant species.

By incorporating some of these trends in your home, you’ll be creating a beautiful home that’s built to last and enjoyed by family and friends for years to come! You don’t have to do everything at once, perhaps a room at a time. The Test of Tyme artisans will be pleased to help you create your vision using their highly sought after experience and skills. For more information, go to www.testoftyme.com.